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Understanding Mortgage Forbearance

Many changes have happened thanks to the Covid-19 health crisis. Unemployment levels went up and many people found that it is hard to make their mortgage payments. Lenders offered different...

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What is Medicaid Planning?

People need resources and more often than not, we fail to understand the value of the resources available to us or even how the resources really work. One such resource is Medicaid. There is a...

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Why Hire a Female Lawyer

It might seem like the gender of your attorney doesn’t make a difference, but sometimes it can matter. In cases of estate law and financial crisis, there is typically a lot of emotion and tension. A...

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Important Financial Dates for 2021

There are certain deadlines that everyone needs to be aware of. These can be important for taxes,benefit applications, and just to stay on top of things. Here are some dates that you will want...

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COVID-19 Bankruptcy Options in Ohio

COVID-19 has had an effect on virtually every aspect of our lives. For many, COVID has caused a serious lapse in their income and they may be struggling to make ends meet. Both individuals and small...

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