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Protect Your Digital Assets

A bank or brokerage account will not take your assets if you pass.  However, your digital assets, such as photos or frequent flier miles, may disappear upon your death, if you do not take steps to...

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How to Get Help Paying Your Medical Bill

We never intend to get seriously injured or sick.  We think that we have the proper medical coverage but what happens if we don’t.  How do we get help paying for unplanned and uncovered...

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Tipping: How Much and to Whom?

According to a Consumer Reports survey of more than 1000 adults, more than 27% of respondents said there are more instances where tipping is or could be expected than two years ago.  However, the...

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Medicare Part B Premium Increasing

The Medicare Part B premium for out-patient care will rise by about 7% to $144.60 for 2020.  This is in addition to the $1.50 increase that was implemented earlier in 2019. This new increase...

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Medical Marijuana in Ohio

As of January 2019 medical marijuana is legal in Ohio. What does that mean for you and what are the rules?  Marijuana is only legalized in Ohio for use to treat specific medical conditions and...

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FDA Approves First Birth Control Pill

Margaret Sanger who among other things founded Planned Parenthood met Gregory Goodwin Pincus in 1950. Pincus was an acknowledged expert in mammalian reproduction. Ms. Sanger asked him to pursue the...

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